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About Us

  PC Control Ltd.    Registered in England Company No. 6805692    
Archie McDougall   BSc.(Hons) MSc. CEng. M.I.E.T.
Engineering Council
Chartered Engineer

No. 21254737
Institute of Engineering and Technology

     Located in the heart of England, PC-Control Ltd. started as an educational project providing students with the ability to explore the world of real time control and automation. Our first product (the PC-Bee) was intended to be simply an example of how easy it can be to “hook up” external devices and start automating. However, feedback from students suggested there was a need to provide this USB adaptor board in some quantities to accompany the tutorials. As the interest grew, other products were perceived as necessary to extend the coverage to analogue and digital inputs and, in due course, to outputs for driving stepper motors, variable speed/direction DC motors and servos. Today we supply direct to students, universities, schools, colleges, industry and to the general hobbyist/electronics enthusiast via our websites and ebay.
     In keeping with our approach of trying to encourage those who would not normally take up the challenge of doing “real time control” with their PC, we always provide some form of control software with each product.


     This has allowed the complete beginner to get started with the minimum of fuss and effort. Additionally, we always provide a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) with each product to then encourage the student/hobbyist to build on their immediate success by writing their own programs. The DLL takes all of the headache out of USB programming allowing the programmer to “throw together” a simple Visual Basic, or C++ , program in minutes rather than weeks.
    We have been encouraged by the popularity of our approach and plan to continue developing new products on a regular basis to extend our range and encourage our customers to delve even deeper into the real world of PC control and automation. 

Company Secretary 
Company Secretary
Fiona E. McDougall

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PC Control Limited is registered in England: Company Number 6805692
Registered Office: 18 Beech Close, Desborough, Kettering, Northants, NN14 2XQ.
VAT No.  GB 983 4023 16
Tel 0121-288-7403

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     Please note that we operate as a business entirely online. We do not accept callers to our office without prior arrangement by telephone or e-mail.  if you are transferred to our answer phone then please leave a message as we do return calls as quickly as possible.

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