Provide High Voltage Switching Outputs
from Standard Digital Outputs

Interfacing standard CMOS digital logic to Motors, Relays and Lamps etc....





  Use the Bee-Driver to switch higher voltage (up to 50v) and current loads (up to 500mA) using standard digital outputs from your own electronics project or from one of our USB adaptor boards. The 20 way header connector on the Bee-Driver is pin compatible with the digital output connectors on the Maxi-Bee , the Digi-Bee and the Digi-Bee+.   Connecting a Bee-Driver to one of the 20 way digital output headers via a standard 20 way ribbon cable assembly (not included) provides 14 high voltage switching outputs and 2 LED indicators. The screw terminals on the Bee-Driver also have transient suppression facilities on two terminals to assist in direct connection to inductive devices such as motors and relays.
connecting motors lamps and inductive loads to a PC

   Since the Maxi-Bee has 4 such output connectors it is possible to connect up to 4 Bee-Drivers to 1 Maxi-Bee giving a massive 56 high voltage switches and 8 LED indicators.
   The Bee-Driver may also be used in your own electronics projects without a Digi-Bee, Digi-Bee+ or Maxi-Bee to convert your digital outputs into more useful switching ones.




 (Note: This is not a "kit of parts" , it is fully assembled and tested)


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