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   The Hawk range of control boards make PC automation and control very easy.  They are primarily aimed at programmers / engineers capable of writing their own programs. However, all of the control boards come with ready to use application software (Hawkeye) which allows the connected hardware to be quickly up and running and controllable from the PC with the least amount of effort. Once the basic hardware is controlled in this way, the programmer can concentrate on writing his own software specific to his own project requirements. A DLL (dynamic link library) is provided with all boards providing a simple but comprehensive set of functions that make such software development very easy. The DLL functions eliminate the need to understand USB communications protocols and allow the programmer to concentrate on the tasks relevant to their own project.
    Full details on each of the boards is available by clicking on the specific board image below. The boards are all available to purchase from the Hawk Control Boards section of the Control Shop


The Motor Hawk (USB --> Bipolar Stepper Motor / Twin DC Motors)
    The Motor Hawk provides full control over a connected stepper motor of the popular 4-phase bi-polar type OR two standard DC motors in both speed and direction. Additional inputs and outputs are also available on the board including some specifically designed to make "limit switch" facilities easily implemented.
  Supplied with Hawkeye software, full reference manual and DLL on disk


The Switching Hawk. (USB--> 28 DC Switching Outputs).
    The switching hawk is a very useful addition to any control system offering the capability to independently switch up to 28 attached DC devices on and off under program control.
   Supplied with Hawkeye software, full reference manual and DLL on disk.

  The Servo Hawk. (USB--> 8  Servos and 7 DC Switching Outputs).
    Directly and independently control up to 8 standard servos with the Servo Hawk . There are also 7 switching type outputs capable of switching devices up to 30v and 500mA including transient suppression facilities for those inductive devices (such as motors, solenoids and relays).
   Supplied with Hawkeye software, full reference manual and DLL on disk

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