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Geared Stepper Motor
Geared Stepper Motor     The Geared stepper motor is a very useful rotation and posi..
Light Sensor
Light Sensor     The Light Sensor is a very simple to use , but very versatile, addi..
Mini Servo
Mini Servo     The Mini Servo is a smaller version of our standard servo. Despi..
Sound Detector
Sound Detector     The Sound Detector is a very convenient way of detecting sound / ..
Water Level Sensor
Water Level Sensor    The Water Level Sensor is a simple to use, but very useful dev..
Magnetic Sensor
Magnetic Sensor     The Magnetic Sensor is a very simple device which uses "Hall Eff..
Infrared Proximity Sensor
Infrared Proximity Sensor     This proximity sensor uses two infrared LEDs to d..
Relay Output Module
Relay Output Module     This relay module offers a convenient solution to converting..
Servo Tester
Relay Output Module     The Servo Tester is a very useful addition to the toolbox of..
5v Power Supply
5v-Power Supply     Many of our products require a source of DC power external ..
6.35mm Flexible Shaft Coupler
6.35mm Flexible Shaft Coupler     Many stepper motors (including our large moto..
12v Power Supply
12v-Power Supply     Many of our products require a source of DC power external..
Mounting Board 200mm x 150mm
Mounting Board (200mm x 150mm)     A very usefull addition to any project is this mo..
Stripboard 95mm x 127mm
Stripboard (95mm x 127mm)     A Standard prorotyping stripboard organised as 36 rows..
36 Way Header Strip
36 Way Header Strip     A 36 Way header strip arranged in a single row of pins on a ..
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