Geared Stepper Motor

Geared Stepper Motor
Geared Stepper Motor Geared Stepper Motor
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Geared Stepper Motor
The Geared stepper motor is a very useful rotation and positioning device for light duty applications in robotics and control. It's small size and inbuilt 64:1 gearing make it suitable for a very wide range of applications.  Although the internal stepper motor has an 11.25 degree step angle, this is reduced to approx 0.17 degrees by the use of the built-in gearing giving an effective 2048 steps per revolution on the output shaft.  This makes it a very accurate positioning device. The gearing also has the positive effect of increasing the output torque by the same factor (64) providing good torque characteristics for such a low power motor. The stepper motor can be configured for unipolar or bipolar control boards simply by how it is connected and makes it compatible with ALL of our stepper motor control boards. Compatible with Stepper Bee, Stepper Bee+, Motor Hawk, Stepper Slave and Stepper Slave Plus 

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