DIY Hawk

DIY Hawk
DIY Hawk DIY Hawk
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The DIY Hawk. (USB control for 13 Digital Outputs, 13 Digital Inputs and 4 Analogue Inputs).
When you need, or prefer, more control over the "add on" electronics required by your project, the DIY hawk provides an excellent solution. It provides a full USB interface to the PC complete with software and DLL function library and brings out the 30 available input/output pins of the PIC microcontroller to solder pads ready for your connections. No need to worry about USB programming or PIC programming, its all made transparent by using the DLL functions.  Simply connect your electronic devices or components and hook them up to the appropriate inputs / outputs.
    For many applications you would simply connect your external "apparatus" directly to the solder pads with wires. For others, there is a very flexible way to connect the DIY Hawk to prototyping board (stripboard) ready for your own circuitry or interface electronics. The solder pads have been arranged in three single rows of 36 with each pad being capable of being soldered from above or below. This allows a standard 36 way "header strip" to be soldered to the board on the underside of the DIY Hawk. A standard stripboard can then be soldered directly to this header giving a versatile prototyping area for your own electronics.
   Supplied with Hawkeye software, full reference manual and DLL on disk
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