Stepper Bee +
Twin Large Stepper Motor Control direct from your PC


      Partly due to the popularity of our stepper bee control board and partly due to numerous request from customers we now have a stepper motor driver board that is capable of driving much larger stepper motors. This is the StepperBee+.
    Although the current handling capability of the ordinary stepper bee is adequate for most domestic, educational and light industrial applications, there is significant use of much larger stepper motors for applications that traditionally would have used other types of motor drive. The Stepper Bee Plus provides a solution in these applications.

              Stepper Bee
+ Shown Driving Two Seriously Powerful Stepper Motors 

   The Stepper Bee + is completely code compatible with the stepper bee and even has the same board connection points. Where it is different is in the drive electronics to the stepper motor coils. It replaces the 500mA/phase capability with a massive 7 Amps/phase. Handling of these high currents on the Stepper Bee board was facilitated by use of Power MOSFET drive electronics with thicker and wider board tracks to the terminals. The copper tracks on the board are actually twice as thick as a standard PCB.

    One of the key design features of this board is the use of Intelligent MOSFETs to drive the phase coils. Sometimes referred to as "Protected MOSFETs" or "Omnifets", these provide a high degree of protection against accidental misuse of the outputs. This includes short circuit protection, over temperature protection, current limited output and over voltage clamping. More information on these parts of the board features can be found at this link "Intelligent MOSFETS". These protection features are especially useful for the user who is new to this field and offers a degree of confidence that he will not damage the board when experimenting with new connected devices etc.. Although there are no 100% guarantees to cover every misuse, the most common mistakes are recoverable with these devices.
   The latest version of the stepper bee+ employs a new feature. The MOSFETs and attached heatsinks are mounted at a small angle to the board. This improves the efficiency with which heat generated is transferred to the surrounding air. However, this only becomes relevant when the board is operating at close to the maximum phase current.

Note: The colour of terminals and other components may vary.

    The board is physically larger than the standard StepperBee and incorporates integral heatsinks to allow the MOSFETS to operate well into their high power operating region. The StepperBee+ also comes with AutoStep software and it's associated DLL function library. For full details on these features see the Stepper Bee Information Page.


     A standard USB lead (not included) is needed to connect the Stepper-Bee+ to your computer .




 (Note: This is not a "kit of parts" , it is fully assembled and tested)


Compatible with Windows 2000,  XP, Vista and  Windows 7


   To download a copy of the user manual for Stepper-Bee+ right click on the link on the right and choose "save target as". This will allow you to download a PDF copy of the manual . 

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